Introducing the GIN X-Alps equipment

Our 2013 X-Alps athletes are busy preparing for the race with their new GIN equipment. Ogi, Aaron, Pil Pyo, Victor and Shoichiro will all be flying the new Boomerang X-Alps wing.

The Boomerang X-Alps is a 3 riser wing, designed to meet the demands of paragliding's toughest race. Ease-of-use and high speed performance were equal design priorities. Due to the latest iteration of our Equalized Pressure Technology (EPT) first used in the Boomerang 9, the wing is easy to launch and land in difficult conditions whilst remaining stable in turbulence and at high speeds.

Naturally, the Boomerang X-Alps is light—around 3.5kg plus risers—due to the use of light materials and innovative internal construction.

We have also developed an X-Alps harness. The harness itself weighs 1.6kg including seat plate and back protection. Integrated with the harness is a front-mounted rescue container with a GIN Yeti rescue #35 and flight deck. 

The race begins on July 7th, we can't wait!

Victor Sebe (FRA3) groundhandling on launch

Aaron Durogati (ITA1)—first flight on the Boomerang X-Alps wing and harness

Pil Pyo Hong (KOR1) with the X-Alps harness


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