GIN team traverse 690km "Baekdu daegan" route

GIN pilots Pil Pyo Hong, Chi Kyung Ha and Hyun Hee Kim have completed the first traverse by paraglider of the "Baekdu daegan", the mountain range that forms the backbone of the Korean peninsular. 

The range runs 1625km from Mt Jiri in the South to the symbolic peak of Mt Baekdu in North Korea. The GIN pilots traversed the 690km section that lies within South Korea over a period of 6 months.

A documentary film of their adventure was produced by Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) and screened over the New Year.

The adventure continues in 2013 for the team leader Pil Pyo Hong, whose next challenge will be the Red Bull X-Alps. Read his athlete profile here.

Taking off from Mt Jiri (1915m) 26/05/2012

Pil Pyo Hong

Hyun Hee Kim

GIN test pilot Chi Kyung Ha "Hachi"


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