Falcon reviewed in Paramotor 3/2016: one of the most interesting releases of 2016

The German magazine Paramotor recently reviewed the Falcon, our latest reflex PPG wing for intermediate to advanced pilots.

We were pleased to note the review team came to a similar conclusion as the feedback we've been receiving so far from XC and advanced pilots all over the world: the Falcon is fast, agile and fun with good stability – a great combination.

Some excerpts from the review:

“With the Falcon, GIN has finally arrived in the premier class of the para Motorsport. Reflex technology at a high level and fine handcraft are a good concept that advanced pilots will sure like to assume.
The high top speed makes the glider interesting not only for competition pilots, but also for XC pilots. And all this goes together with only moderate demands of piloting skills.
All in all the Falcon seems a suitable compromise between handling, stability and performance, for demanding pilots, keep up the good work!”

The review concluded:

"The Falcon can be described as one of the most interesting new releases in the year 2016. The clean workmanship and balanced handling of the glider create enjoyment in the heart of advanced pilots who can also collect their first experiences in competitions with the Falcon. High top speed for longer flights combined with an agile, sportive handling are a good combination. The fun factor is also a big point for the Falcon and whoever is looking a reflex allrounder and has experience with such wings, will experience great pleasure with the Falcon."

Read the full review in Paramotor magazine 3/2016 or here

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