Choosing your next airbag harness

If you’re considering a new airbag harness, it’s very important to check the efficacy of the pre-inflation system! Reliable and effective pre-inflation is vital for pilot protection during the launch sequence. It's not always easy for pilots to compare the different harnesses available on the market. One reason is because the official certification standards do not accomodate the testing of partially inflated airbags. All airbags must be tested fully inflated. 

Gin Gliders constantly run various projects to learn more about maximising the comfort and safety of pilots and the performance of our gear. One such project has involved improving the pre-inflation system of our airbag harnesses such as the Gingo Airlite. Using our in-house test rig, various airbag designs can be rapidly tested and iterated. Combined with extensive real-world testing, this has allowed us to develop an effective pre-inflation system that offers a similar level of protection to a fully inflated airbag.

Watch the video below to learn more about how we test airbag harnesses.


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