Boomerang 9 S and L passes EN D flight tests!

After months of intense testing and development, Gin Gliders are pleased to announce that the Boomerang 9 has passed EN-D flight tests in 2 additional sizes: S and L. Lighter and heavier pilots can now enjoy the benefits of flying the best-performing certified competition wing currently available on the market.

The Boomerang 9 S and L will be available in time for the World Cup Super Final in Brazil (January). 

The weight ranges are as follows:

Boomerang S: (85*) 90-105 kg
Boomerang L: 105-120 (125**) kg

* S size has passed flight tests with 90kg, currently there are some more test flights outstanding at 85kg
** L size has passed flight and load tests at 125kg. The current shock test allows a certification up to 120kg, a shock test for 125kg will be completed soon.

Further details/updates:

photo: Martin Scheel /


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