Bill and Chris fly 279km for a USA XC distance record

On August 21, Bill Belcourt (GIN Boomerang 8) and Chris Galli (GIN Boomerang 7) flew 279 km together for a new USA foot-launched distance record. They started from the Wasatch mountains of Utah and flew into central Wyoming, USA.

The flights also set a new Utah state distance record. With a total air time of just over 6 hours and climbs past 5,400 meters, the route chosen put them over the remote terrain of Wyoming’s high deserts—a landscape of parched valleys, rows of wind turbines, meandering rivers, and towering red sandstone cliffs. The two pilots landed within 3 meters of each other and the new record is shared.

Chris Galli, the founder of XC Skies Soaring Forecasts, writes:

August 21 was not a particularly stellar day for flying long distances from Utah into Wyoming, but the best possible route was easily determined by reviewing XC Skies before we chose the Jupiter site for launching. Picking the right location and day to fly is half the effort in attempting to break records. XC Skies allows remarkably precise flight planning to maximize the soaring potential of any given day.

Special thanks to Sarah Galli who provided excellent ground support and retrieval, making the remote crossings easier to commit.

Bill’s tracklog can be viewed here...


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