A Phenomenal start to the speedriding season

This winter has seen incredible snow falls in the Northern Alps. In Haute Savoie and Savoie, the crop of speed runs and images was more than expected for the GIN France riders.

Hours of driving and computer editing were needed to produce the movies and pictures for the 2012 speedriding range. Samoens, Val d'Isere, Flaine and les Arcs became the "photo studios" used to present the Nano and Fluid with their 2012 colours and trim. More details can be found in our speedriding pages.

Special thanks to the riders : Arnaud Baumy, Jérôme Baud, Eric Roussel, François Bon, Xav' et Dod' Dufresne, Arnaud Martin-Levain, and to the camera men: Jérome Maupoint and Jean Mi Ara.


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