A dream flight in China: 6356m on the Sprint 3

Chinese pilot Li Qunguo has become the first pilot to fly over the Yaomei peak (6250m) of Mount Siguniang (“Four Sisters Mountain”), the highest peak of the Qionglai mountains in Western China. The flight on the GIN Sprint 3 eventually topped out at 6356m, and was described by Linchao as a “magical experience”.

The expedition took place in October 2016. 3 pilots, Li Qunguo, Yuan Linchao and Song Junming, had been in the area for a documentary film shoot. After the shoot, the idea to fly to the peak seemed like a natural next step. The pilots battled bad weather and turbulent conditions for several days, but finally the better weather came and Li Qunguo was successful in flying over the summit. His view was a priviledged one indeed – only a handful of mountaineers have ever reached Yaomei peak and no-one until now had flown over it!

Congratulations on this historic flight!

Photos: mt.sohu.com


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