412km on the GIN Tribe!

On 20/06/2013, Ukrainian pilot Mike Goncharov-Goryanskiy flew 412km on the GIN Tribe. This is the longest ever flight in Europe—congratulations, Mike!

On his previous best flight of 325km in 2011, Mike dreamed of catching a glimpse of the sea of Azov. But it was not visible through the ground haze. But this time, he not only saw the sea, he landed next to it and went for a swim!

Mike started paragliding in 2007, making short flights with a winch. The following year he bought a paramotor, which helped him learn how to find and use thermals to stay in the air as long as possible. In 2010, he organized a winch and returned to paragliding, flying several big triangles and 325km on his GIN Tribe XS the following year.

His latest 412km flight was the first flight in Europe over 400km. The 8.5 hour flight was achieved at an average speed of about 50km/h and with a maximum height of 3000m. The plains of Ukraine are ideal for long XC flights and we look forward to even longer flights in the future!

View Mike's tracklog here 


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