2016 PWC - Castello, Brazil: GIN Team 1st

Frank Brown and Torsten Siegel report from Brazil...

The 2016 Paragliding World Cup got off to a dream start, with 7 tasks and around 520km flown in the 7 days. Cloudbases up to 2300m, thermals of 3-7 m/s and a "Jurassic world" landscape provided the perfect backdrop for some thrilling racing.

The final day was very tough with all of the top 10 pilots in the running for the overall win and all the pilots once again came in together. In the end, the top 3 pilots were separated by only 10 points. Local GIN hero Frank Brown finished 3rd overall and the GIN team of Frank, Torsten Siegel, Luciano Bender and Joanna de Grigoli took joint 1st place with Team Ozone, thanks to GIN team's 4 task victories. Brazil also topped the Nations ranking, with 7 out of the top 10 pilots flying GIN.

Thanks and congratulations to all our pilots and to the overall and female winners, Felix Rodrigues and Keiko Hiraki. We look forward to an exciting season of racing...

Thanks to Frank and Joanna for the pics


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