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Official Sprint 3 video

06/06/2016 :::

The GIN Sprint 3 is our new classic intermediate paraglider – a comfortable wing, yet offering all the performance for intermediate pilots looking to take their flying to the next level. 

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GIN 2016 Catalogue

19/05/2016 :::

The GIN 2016 catalogue is now available online and in print via selected dealers. The catalogue features our latest products, team pilot stories and tips and some of our favourite recent images. We hope you enjoy it!

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Wins worldwide for GIN pilots

10/05/2016 :::

Last weekend GIN pilots topped podiums on 3 continents:

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GIN Fuse 37 available now

09/05/2016 :::

The Fuse 37, our new small tandem wing, has been certified EN B and is available now via GIN dealers.

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The GIN GLIDERS Carrera plus XC challenge

19/04/2016 :::

The Carrera / Carrera+ pilot who makes the highest-scoring XC flight during the 2016 XC season (01/01/2016-30/09/2016) now has the chance to win a GIN harness.

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2016 PWC - Castello, Brazil: GIN Team 1st

18/04/2016 :::

Frank Brown and Torsten Siegel report from Brazil...

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Sprint 3 certified EN B

14/04/2016 :::

The Sprint 3 – our new classic intermediate wing – has passed EN flight tests in size M. Its specific blend of handling, comfort, stability and performance is aimed at leisure, club and cross-country pilots. The Sprint 3 has been engineered for leanness from the ground up– the wing weighs only 4.5kg (M size) despite featuring durable fabric and fully sheathed main and mid lines.

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Safety notice for Gingo 3 harness rescue container

09/03/2016 :::

A Gingo 3 harness was found to have the rescue pin loop stuck in the eyelet due to being pulled too hard during packing.

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Choosing your next airbag harness

08/03/2016 :::

If you’re considering a new airbag harness, it’s very important to check the efficacy of the pre-inflation system! Reliable and effective pre-inflation is vital for pilot protection during the launch sequence. It's not always easy for pilots to compare the different harnesses available on the market. One reason is because the official certification standards do not accomodate the testing of partially inflated airbags. All airbags must be tested fully inflated. 

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GIN at Thermik Messe 2016

01/03/2016 :::

Thanks to everyone who visited our stand and to our Austrian and German partners for putting on a great show. The new Genie Lite and Gingo harnesses drew lots of positive comments and pilots are eagerly anticipating the arrival of the Sprint 3, our forthcoming intermediate paraglider. Here are a few photos to enjoy...

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