Bonanza 2 – for XC purists

09/10/2018 :::

It took a while, but now the legendary Bonanza is back and we believe it’s well worth the wait! Further details on our new performance (EN C) wing on the Bonanza 2 page.


Introducing the Pegasus 2

02/07/2018 :::

The Pegasus 2 is a universal paramotoring wing for beginning and leisure pilots who want a confidence-inspiring wing that is also fun to fly, both with and without a motor.


Atlas 2: low stress, high fun

20/06/2018 :::

The Atlas 2 is an easy intermediate wing for beginning and leisure pilots who want a confidence-inspiring wing that still offers great XC possibilities.


Fuse 2: the tandem for professionals

11/06/2018 :::

The Fuse 2 is a tandem paraglider for professionals who demand maximum efficiency, reliability and also flying pleasure.


The Champion’s secret weapon: available now

03/05/2018 :::

The Genie Race 4 was the winning harness in the World Cup Superfinal 2017. It’s our most aerodynamic and comfortable harness yet, thanks to its innovative technology. Find out more on the Genie Race 4 product page.


The new Speedride harness

28/02/2018 :::

The new Speedride harness is a versatile reversible harness designed for beginner to experienced speedriders. and more. Use it for speedflying, mountaineering, tandem, soaring. Available now, more details on the Speedride page.


Boomerang 11 news: 2 additional sizes

26/02/2018 :::

The Boomerang 11 is now available in sizes SM (92-107 kg) and ML (103-118kg), certified CCC. See the full specifications on the Boomerang 11 product page.


Michael Sigel wins PWC Superfinal 2017

22/01/2018 :::

Michael Sigel of Gin Gliders has won the PWC Superfinal 2017 in Roldanillo, Colombia in what was the probably the best ever finish in the 25 year history of the competiton. 


3 new clothing items

10/01/2018 :::

New for 2018: Flygin classic hoodie, Basic T-shirts and the G-wrap multifunctional headwear.


The new Gangster 2

19/12/2017 :::

The Gangster 2 is an agile freestyle glider with a comfortable safety margin. Ideal for wagga sessions and working on acro skills, it’s also a wing that will let you thermal all day, or even go cross-country.

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